Thursday, September 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday: On Friends


On Dearest-thing-in-life…Friends!

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If life were measured in relationships…I feel as though I would be the richest.

In states and continents and ages galore, my life has been GRACED, exceedingly with friends.  Ones who I know love me as I am and who make me feel the warmth of the Abba father as they pull me in close to them.

Friends that I have laughed, sung, cried with and friends that I have needed in the toughest of times…

cancer and loving my mother as she died because of it


the craziness of motherhood

the craziness of my brain;}

the sheer insanity of seeking to love Him in a world gone so wrong

it has been these friends, be they sisters by blood, ever my friends, friends who share my skin or who are of another with whom I speak Spanish, or Hungarian or English or crazy slang and Abby-isms.

Friends who have loved and who will never stop.  Friends who will people Heaven with me and I think that they were sent from there just. for. me.

And Friend of Friends who is the Good behind all of this love that surrounds.  The One who reminds on a lonely night and in the midst of upheaval, that He has ALWAYS taken care of me and that will never, ever stop…a friend to replace everyone sacrificed to follow Him and a day and age with SKYPE when distance does not {too much} hinder the beauty of this crowning gift:}

Thank You.  Thank You. and a million more times THANK YOU!



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