Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Joy



Of all that touches heart and squeezes in pain and echoes of all that is to be true One Day…there lies this pearl.  Her name is Joy.

Joy that flies on wings into the disappointments and the pain when all hope seems but a shrouded mist of a world that was believed could be, she soars resilient and offers a look behind the veil.

Joy that sprays a rainbow cloud and brilliantly calls a longing heart into the Promise.  Joy a love-kiss from the divine Abba Father who loves and carries as a Mother and picks up the weary and reminds the frail of beauty that underscores and permeates and re-defines all of the dark.

Joy that sinks deep to battle that villain despair who wants to slither and strangle and she stands with heart and eyes and song uplifted to reign down a Love-Power that none can withstand.

Joy that springs from a deep soul ache for the longing of that World for which deepest soul is imprinted and all hope of eternity set within longs and says

‘Yes, Beloved, in the vapor of your days all but a breath in the weight of forever, I stand to make all pain and brokenness and darkness melt away never to be thought of again…embrace me for I fill you with the Image of the One whom all light and life and sun and happiness and goodness reflect…Joy, I am your hand-maiden, Oh Daughter of Zion…wear me as your beautiful headdress for which you have already been fitted…Joy'.


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