Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Whole




Broken.  Completely broken and emptied.  That is what is the theme of these days and yet as I think about whole I think about now.  How is that?

I am finding a Wholly Other Sufficiency precisely because of the empty and broken and weaning from the world and stability outside of Him and the husband and children He has given me.

I am finding wholeness in the desperate need for Him and the necessity of moment’s food as even days ahead are not for me to contemplate, the unknown marking it so fully.

I am finding wholeness too in the One who necessitates my vision and my meaning and my WHOLE focus of heart and soul and life and eyes that must rest fixed on none other.

Whole in the moments of all that overwhelms and whole in ways that only the King of Paradoxes can bring.  Die to Live.  Lose to Gain.  Surrender to Receive.  Empty to be Filled.  Broken to be made Divinely, Miraculously Whole.

Wholly You.  Wholly All.  Wholly Mine.  Wholly Blessed.



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