Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Older


{Psst:  It’s Lisa-Jo, the Gypsy Mama’s, Happy Birthday—she’s the Five Minute Lady…go say Happy Birthday to her if you haven’t already!}



Older IS wiser…this adage is true I’m finding, but also:

Older is free-er.

Older is full-er.

Older is sweeter.

Older is stronger.

Older is deeper.

Older is happier! {yes, it’s true}

Older is MORE…

More Life to embrace, More love to know, More Hope to see as your own, More Promises that have rung truer, longer to claim, More Longing and readiness for Heaven, More Joy in all that is this life you’ve come to know so well. 

And Mostly, More of Him.  Recognition of need has become as natural as breathing and so you cling to Your Only Hope in deeper and fuller ways.

I recognize that older may not be all of these wonderful things, yet encourage, YOU, FRIEND, that walking with a Faithful Lover of Your Soul, Yes. it is indeed a deeper, fuller, and truly MORE way as you walk closer and closer to Home and your heart’s deepest, deepest desire. Face-to-Face with HimPrincess



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  1. did you ditch disqus? i love this piece, abby. and i love following your journey. praying for you!


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