Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: New


End of Colorado and coming home 014


Oh New!  New Life.  New Day.  New Dawn…as if it is ever an old dawn. 

New Love.  New Joy.  New Dreams.  New Hopes.  New Strength.

New Fears.  New Failures.  New Struggles…

though often the old recycled.  New Doubts.  New Battles... 

Renewed Faith.  Renewed Life.  Renewed Joy.  Renewed Hope. 


As the New brings its great expectations that a veil of tears can often cloud…

in the death of what was once new

comes all that it is to enter this fray of daring to bear a hope eternal. 

a hope resilient. 

a hope unconquerable

and incorruptible.

New…I love…always in Him—all things new.

But I know I love it more for it is a New that in all that is my Life, Joy, Hope has become re-newed…and at the core it is I who have become altogether new and this will never end forever and ever—the chances to be re-born into an ever-increasing Glory for all eternity.

Oh New Day.  I cannot wait and yet I see your sweet face…

Never Stop;}

End of Colorado and coming home 011


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