Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Beauty

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Colorado Summer 076


Beauty is made of the nonsensical, whimsical, glorious God adventure of this much-afraid and weak one who wants Him to make something beautiful out of the journey.

Beauty is when your best friend and hubby takes your hand and asks you again and again to make a home for God in this crazy broken world.

Beauty is Weighty and weightier when you tell your little loves that you pray they rise up as the ‘stars in the heavens’ to be counted for Him in their generation.  To know that it is only the Spirit of God and His moving in large ways in and through you as you show Him to these fragile hearts that will lead them to a wild abandoned life for a Heavenly King and His Country.

Beauty is throwing all caution to the wind and rolling up sleeves and singing free to the One who puts in your heart the highways to Zion.  To contemplate without excuse or regret that Great Wedding Feast where you will be adorned as bride for the King of Kings and when you will share Bride with the Beauty of All Time in the Great Chorus of the Redeemed.

Beauty begins in His loving imagination and as you fly on His Wings in the Wonder of it All.  Of Him.



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