Monday, August 29, 2011

Cocooned. Part 1

End of Colorado and coming home 034

In this process of great transition and change, my own metamorphosis, things around have become more hazy and dark.  What was once the inching ahead of a fluffy greenWinking smile self has altogether stopped and slowed. and cocooned.

At first it might seem like this is a bad thing or at least an inconvenient or simply not a best thing.  But as the specimen that is me is coming into further examination, I realize, that this wrapping up tight and accepting a lack of ability to see, a darkness, is a necessary and best thing.

For it is not darkness for darkness ‘sake.  Or stopping for stopping’s sake.

It is a darkness for learning the light’s sake.  And a stopping for living-and-moving-and-having-being-in-Him-sake.

It’s not a wrapping up for the sake of the gray.  And not a pulling in tight for the sake of protecting self.

It is a wrapping up to have the space to form.  It is a pulling in tight to be taken to the core of my identity in Christ.

One that speaks in beauty and glory of…

…every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places

…chosen in HIM before the foundation of the world!

…in order that we become holy and blameless BEFORE HIM!

…IN LOVE predestined FOR ADOPTION as sons {meaning, having the FULL RIGHTS of inheritance}

…the PRAISE of His Glorious Grace!

…being blessed in the Beloved!

…REDEMPTION!!! through his blood—the forgiveness of our trespasses—according to the RICHES OF HIS GRACE!

…GRACE lavished on us

…intended for GLORY—a reflection of the plan in Christ, the Beloved, brought about in the fullness of time and uniting ALL THINGS IN HEAVEN AND EARTH to fit into His Matchless Beauty!!!!

Ephesians 1:3-10 {paraphrased and interpreted, BUT…it’s ALL there;}

playdatesatthewellspring            SoloDeoGloriaSisterhood

…Ahh…yes, it’s here I rest and curl up, or cocoon, on Abba, Daddy’s lap and speak my thanks:

  • for all that’s above…WHO YOU SAY I AM
  • for the impenetrable rights of a ‘son’…bound for GLORY indestructible and immeasurable riches
  • for never being able to know it enough—always a fullness yet to know
  • for You…to behold You in Your Redemptive Glory
  • for new days and seasons of marriage
  • for the commitment to ‘something more’ as we journey
  • for YOUR GRACE alone which keeps
  • for new days and seasons with kids
    • for ‘Jesus Storybook Bible’ and listening to and Mommy and Daddy loving it
    • for son who gets things now and will {prayerfully} keep getting it deeper
    • for ‘you are good!’ that God sings over him
    • for daughter’s oh-so-very-almost-two and the tantrums to go with it
    • for humility through screams…hers, not mineWinking smile
    • for ‘where’s Susie?’ peek-a-boo games she starts at dinner
    • for son loving to hit the ball and run the bases
    • for reunions with cousins!
    • for little boys own language of pirates and tackles
    • for Your preserving their bonds even in distanceSmile
  • for velvety folds to sink into…a borrowed and comfy bed and a spiritual one that’s mine
  • for moving into a new one and  hopefully the last before the big move.
  • for providing a space of our own to be a family…quaint and beautiful
  • for Psalms 62:8
  • for the BEST always and ever…yet to come!




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