Monday, July 4, 2011

in the uprooting…


In the uprooting

I surrender my life

my plans

my purposes.

In the uprooting

I let go

of what passes away.

In the uprooting

I give Him back

the life I owe.

In the uprooting

Good gifts return

to the Giver.

In the uprooting

False securities

are stripped away.

In the uprooting

I find Who and

Whose I am.

In the uprooting

I learn what it is

to be sustained by Him.

In the uprooting

I become a wanderer

an exile

a traveler longing for Home.

so that, in the uprooting

the lost and

hopeless may find

the way to Love.

AWA 7/3/11

Thank You, Precious Lord of my life:

  • that YOU. ARE. WORTHY. of all of us.
  • that I can’t out~give You!
  • that You give strength to the weary
  • that You increase the power of the weak
  • that You make a way
  • for fresh eyes to trust You
  • for melancholy
  • for grief
  • for hope
  • for Heaven come down
  • for Heaven infinite to know FULLY one day
  • for the chance to be a part of Your Story
  • for how I can trust You to write my story
  • that redemption is past, present and future reality
  • for infinite depths yet to learn and know
  • for eternity to learn and grow
  • for rootless~ness in this world
  • for roots in YOU
  • for roots in family—a precious one
  • for the little lovely things:
    • for time spent as a family…a Sabbath
    • for baby girl growing (a hard eucharisteo)
    • for her stopping to suck her thumb (believe it or not, hard too)
    • for new words and ways always—LIFE!
    • for a son who loves to cuddle
    • for growth and three-year-old-ness yet
    • for childcare workers who cleaned my kids’ messes
    • for big girl swings already (happy and hard)
    • for splash pad puddles
    • for sand pit ‘diggers’
    • for spinning wheels
    • for slides and healthy climbers
    • for pink and purple tricycles they BOTH likeWinking smile
    • for new friends for each…
  • for chances to be with him:
    • for marriage matters time
    • for missing each other making together sweeter
    • for 8 YEARS tomorrow! of wedded blissSmile
    • for a date and hike with volunteer childcare and money to spend!!!
    • for a special date tomorrow
    • for friends offering to watch the kids





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