Thursday, July 7, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grateful…

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for love and life and all that’s getting in the way of loving and living right now.  For the mess I am and the mess I make of it all and how He shows me that I might lay all things I do down as filthy rags and cling GRATEFUL to a Savior. A Redeemer.  My only hope.

thankful for the sickness that reminds us of health.  for all it’s broken down in me this past week and how the desperation leads me to the desperate cries of an orphan longing to be adopted, loved and trusting in a strength and Home she always has.

Grateful for all that I love that I grieve in these days.  For all of the missing and tearing away that I don’t think I can survive, but I will…because He has made me an overcomer.  I am grateful for this because I have loved so and had so many gardens of life in this journey and they all seem to have taken a piece of me to leave and so yes, the living has happened and so I wax grateful.

Grateful for all that He is—the vision of heart, soul, life and the ways that I know I survive no other way than Him in these days and yet, was there ever another hope? Grateful that His patience never ends, His love is unfailing, His mercies new every morning, His grace unceasing and that in the midst of the hard days and seasons and doubts and fears, He remains the Unchanging One…so I am Grateful for the stripping bare and laying down of all the pretense, because somehow, some way I know it is the only way to Life.

And I want to live.


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