Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Living Mystery: Guest Post at Life Overseas


Know that we are doing well at our overseas training.  Like drinking from the proverbial fire hydrant, but all so poignant and directed to the core of our hearts shoring up for this massive step.

I have much to share and will do so more when I can...which, I'm not sure when that will be;)

In the meantime, visit Laura's blog:  Life Overseas (I know many of you already do!).  She asked me to guest post on some of what this journey has been and I waxed poetic and inspirational (surprising, I know) and ever-the-idealist of this missionary life.

But, I stand beside it in integrity of heart:  by His Beautiful Grace my Savior be All the Glory!!

The Living Mystery:  Majoring in Things Unseen

With love and thanks for all of your rich and deep support...I've already shared with many here about the joy my blogging community has brought in the midst of so much change.  That sweet constant of life shared on these, our blog homes...Bless You All So!!!  Abby:)

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