Thursday, June 30, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

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Home signs.  I remember the one my mama made when I came home from college or the collective sign for all of my family to give when I came home from that semester of study abroad.

And I remember the ‘Welcome Home’ sign from the hospital that the Florida Family I love and kept my son when daughter was born hung for our newly expanded family.

Welcome Home.  The words of Heaven to the mama gone Home, the grandparents, the Mema of many I love so little ago received.

And Welcome rests herself in peace in my heart when all of Earth’s ‘welcome homes’ from those who now are gone or who I’ve left behind somehow merge in a Home and a longing for the welcome that will have no end.

I think of it most when I read of the every tear wiped away in Revelations…this is the no bitter only sweet welcome. And I don’t think I can wait for THAT DAY.

But the waiting and the welcomes to come are the stuff of where I live now.  The welcomes of the little loves running with whole selves after a day away.  The welcomes of those who are new friends at this training are calling for my whole heart and the teams to receive us in country when we move overseas.  And the ones, the many, I don’t yet know who are waiting to welcome me/us when they become His provision for the journey for the season until all of the welcomes crescendo in the great Wedding Feast…

These are the welcoming promises and I open my heart to them.



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