Thursday, June 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Home…




Mouth gaped open when I saw what Lisa-Jo had chosen for the theme this week…

Home.  What is Home?  The word I chose for this year’s theme knowing that I would need to see the things UNSEEN that are our true Home.

Here I am. In the middle of the in-between when ‘homeless’ and ‘nomad’ are pretty distinct realities.  Though I know I am not poor and have all of my needs met, there is no physical location or place that is truly a home for us.

‘Colorado home’ is where we give 100% of ourselves to our family and the ministry through its training.  There is love and joy and life and all that is good here, so there is most definitely ‘home’.

But, you know, as do I that the idealist has to face the elements of reality, as I am learning daily of the identity I step all the further into as we move overseas and live this life sold out to Him…there is not a deep breath rest that I can nest and call a place home that I cling to steel fisted, no.  This is not what it is to live as a called one.  It is rather the ever clearer fixing of eyes, soul, all of self upon an UNSEEN reality that is Home.  Forever, one day, face-to-face with the Greatest of Loves…and in the now, the in between, lots of lostness that causes hearts and eyes to be trained towards where our feet are walking…our every kind of feet—the soul feet and the physical feet.  A Reality only He, the Unchanging One can pull us into safe and secure.



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