Monday, May 9, 2011


{Just want you to know too, in this craziness, I have NOT been missing (too much) of the action of these beautiful two!}


Yes, it's true.

I'm missing in action.

missing in stuff,
missing in moving,
missing in mess,
missing in must,
for this missing is best.

When blog is neglected
and cyber friends forsaken
for the life that is
necessary and faithful
it can be called this:

Missing in mission,
missing in packing,
missing in purging,
missing in prayer updates,
missing in mailings

But there is more.

For doing is much
and tasks overflowing,
yet whole story is
life that is following

missing is surrender;
obedience disguised,
and missing is peace;
vision realized.

so, on this jot
off  i go!
again to the

missing in sacrifice,
missing in longing,
missing in faith,
missing in hope,
a sure day awaiting
heart's desire attaining .

And on forever,

missing in delight,
missing in Him,
missing in joy,
missing in living,
missing at all.

AWA 5/8/2011

I wrote this fun-for-me poem for the RAP this month at the High Calling, hosted this month by L.L. Barkat, Managing Editor at THC (who I love for so many reasons!:-) 

Here's a blurb from this very witty article:

What's a Dead Metaphor?

Much of our language is rooted in metaphor (there's one now... did you catch it? :). Over time metaphors lose their power, become tired. Here are a few you might recognize:
I cried a river of tears
We hammered out our differences
That kind of thinking is a dead end
She broke the ice at the party
Author Kim Addonizio suggests that we try reviving dead metaphors in our poetry, by adding specificity(When you left, I cried the Ganges, I cried the Amazon, I cried the/entire Mississipi...)
Try it out. Take a dead metaphor and get specific with it in a poem. Post your poem link here in the comment box by Wednesday, May 11, for possible feature and definite links. We can't wait to see your CPR. And your first step to better business.

Finding Heaven


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