Monday, May 23, 2011

Living Boldly…Am I?

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 072

Passage to Read:  Acts 4

This was the question of yesterday’s sermon and I was definitely challenged.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s not what you are ‘doing’ for the Lord—like me, uprooting yourself and family and following Him to another country to live for as long as He calls me/us, BUT, it’s a heart posture and immersion in His Spirit that pokes through the little times and opportunities when no one is looking…except always, He sees and waits for our trust that He can and will use us to speak His Name.

No guilt.  This isn’t about you or I measuring ourselves against the first followers of Jesus we find in the book of Acts {where the current series of sermons are coming from}.  It’s about beholding Him, reading and believing how the Holy Spirit changes us and gives us an altogether different level of living for and loving Him. 

The days are short and life itself is short.  But a vapor and then we are gone.  His Grace is Real, waiting for us each new day to take our hand in His and allow Him to lead us as we pray for opportunities to make Him known in the world.  This is why we are here.  This. is. why. we. are. here.

This Monday morning, I am purposing to ask for eyes to see and ears to hear the mighty rushing wind of His Spirit and to trust Him to move mountains and to bring those along my path who He has been preparing for a touch of Him—to lift Him up with my life.  He is mighty to save.

{I’m hoping to start plugging through the book of Acts.  If you haven’t read through it before, I challenge you to do so, and to believe that these are the days to receive more of Him, His Spirit.}

Use it on Monday

Thank You God of all Grace and Goodness:

  • You have not left us alone!
  • We have a Comforter…reminding us of Your Great Love…supplying all of our need!
  • We have a Spirit of Power to enable us to live like You are Real…You died and rose again and all, for all time, has changed!
  • You give us everything we need to do the works You have prepared!
  • For a hubby HOME…after 12 days away!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh, how I love him!  Life not right w/o him…priceless gift!!
  • For a son who prayed every time ‘that Daddy could come back’…whether breakfast, lunch or dinner or bedtimeSmile
  • For his sweet sleepy face seeing Daddy in bed…joy in the morning!
  • For his laying on Daddy’s chest and lips spreading in cherubic smileSmile
  • For sleeping in for me…deep breaths with Daddy homeSmile
  • For baby girl still wanting mama, though she loves Daddy.
  • For a hundred new words in a week!
  • For favorite phrase to repeat; “I SAID ‘NO’!”
  • For feisty~ness enough to change the world one day
  • For birthday blessingsSmile
    • For hubby ordering flowers for friends to deliver
    • For gift certificate for a massage sent by e-mail
    • For a ‘girls night out’ with Florida (surrogate) sister
    • For relaxing in the midst…SWEET!!
    • For teal toes with flowers and tiny bling…
    • For able babysitter getting kids down to bed!
    • For gno extended to include a favorite Chick FlickWinking smile
    • For generous friends giving gifts…honestly, so blessed!
  • For what it is to receive, a discipline indeed
  • For friends in Hungary so excited we are coming! 
  • For son almost daily getting it more and ‘I want to go to Hungary!’
  • For reminders always of days being short
  • For the inner jolts to LIVE…REALLY LIVE!
  • For continued grace to ‘do the next thing’
  • For doing well with packing…prayers answered!!! supernatural strength for me!
  • For You…always and ever You…All that is good, true, right, lovely, noble, faithful, compassionate, merciful, kind…all GIFTS OVERFLOWING FROM YOUR HEART!
  • For You, face-to-face One Glorious Day and Forevermore…Our Best ALWAYS AND EVER YET TO COME!




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