Monday, May 16, 2011

{just} thanks

…much going on inside this too-full brain these days.  oh these days.  but, yet, this is a season where many to-do’s and peace in the midst is what faithful means and if those to-do’s fill my brain, then, that is good.  He is good ever and always giving me the strength that is hardest—to stay on task, and ‘do the next thing.’

Gracious God, thank you for the joy of these days:

  • for YOU,
  • learning what it is to know Your strength as I pack!
  • for JOY in the journey
  • for faithful ones near and far praying for us!
  • for so, so many hands helping in these days!
    • for meals provided,
    • for kids watched
    • for bubble wrap dropped off
    • for thrift store runs by others
    • for morning and evening help
    • for a neighbor who is family and helping daily
  • for progress and momentum in packing
  • for the TRUST that is keeping Ms. Overwhelmed at bay
  • for a miracle in my brain ‘to do the next thing’
  • for knowing when I need to take a break
  • for naps being holy things
  • for little loves and their ways
    • for son’s sleepy eyes and saying ‘I love you Mommy’
    • for his profound statement: ‘I don’t need stuff in Hungary.  I’m happy to go to Hungary!’
    • for out-of-the-mouths-of-babes, AMEN!!!
    • for baby girl’s new words daily
    • for laying on ‘bankie’ and saying ‘tired’
    • for ‘tank you mommy’s’ abundant
  • for bike riding
  • for running on sidewalks
  • for kissable hurts
  • for dry beds at night
  • for mercies new every morning
  • for all I need while he’s away
  • for others praying for him
  • for friends receiving prayer cards!! {I hope this is you!}
  • for gorgeous breezy weather in May here
  • for home, and all that that means
  • for joy in three weeks going to training!
  • for being together again soon!
  • for absence making hearts grow fonder



{by the way, Ann’s post today was so amazing…I’ve loved A.W. Tozer’s ‘the Pursuit of God’ for a long time, yet haven’t cracked it in years…this.  to live like this.  yes, Lord, make it so!!!  having ALL in You!}

and since this is what I got, sista’s, this is for Jen’s awesome, amazing group tooSmile



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