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How You Can Become a Part of Our Story

Prayer Card

Those of you following these many weeks, know that I concluded with the 13th part of Our Story. God’s Story.  last Tuesday.  It is the story of a broken man and woman that God is making whole.  Called first to Himself, then to each other and since that day He has been sending us out into the world.  Now, with two little ones in tow, we prepare to move long-term (as in, maybe we will never live stateside again) to Budapest, Hungary in Eastern Europe. 

Here is the entire story with each part linked and a brief synopsis:

My Story. His Story. God’s Story: Part 1

(He and I growing up in the same town, same schools, without knowing each other! He was a freshman when I was a senior! shocking…going to different colleges and developing our kindred hearts)

My Story. His Story. God’s Story: Part 2

(We both move home after college, but don’t meet for a little while.  My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, we meet, my mom dies, we date, get married and hear first about Hungary)

My Story. His Story. God’s Story: Part 3

(We both are drawn to go to Hungary for a year, but it doesn’t happen for two years and God miraculously provides what we need in a SHORT time, so we go!)

Our Story. God’s Story: Part 4

(The nuts and bolts of our work with high school students in Hungary during that year and realizing it is what we are born to do!)

Our Story. Their Story. God’s Story: Part 5

(Peaks into those we shared this year with {our team} and some of the lives the Lord led us to…)

Our Story. Their Story. God’s Story: Part 6

(A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! and the ones that wove into the deep of my heart in Hungary)

Our Story. Their Story. God’s Story. Part 7

(The Crazy Beautiful that is Speakout English Camp in Keszthely, Hungary and our first experience there in 2006…YOU CAN GO TOO!)

Our Story. God’s Story. Part 8

(More about Speakout and a first hand view of what it’s like and what it’s all about!)

Our Story. God’s Story. Part 9

(Returning home from Hungary, struggling to get pregnant, joining the full-time staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, getting pregnant, raising support, having our first child, A SON!)

Our Story. God’s Story. Part 10

(Returning to Hungary for Speakout in Summer 2008, with our son, moving to Florida for our first assignment in the high schools here and what that all looked like;)

Our Story. God’s Story. Part 11

(Pregnant with #2, very sick, all that God does in that and our second school in Florida, especially highlighted in:

Sweet Interlude )

Our Story. God’s Story.  Part 12

(Process to take the step to return to Hungary, Summer 2010, with daughter and son and how He got our attention quickly to open up to a long-term, all-in, commitment to this country!)

Our Story. God’s Story.  The End is Only the Beginning:)

(confirmation of calling long-term back to Hungary—end of Speakout English Camp Summer 2010)

So, I’m asking this week if you would like to partner with us in this journey!

Here’s how you can:

1) Please prayerfully consider a commitment as a Prayer Partner for our ministry.

If you would like to be added to our Core Prayer Team, send me an e-mail:

aalleman_03 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Include your address if you would like me to mail you a Prayer Card like the one at the top that includes many ways to pray on the back side.

2) Please prayerfully consider a becoming a financial partner in some way.  I mean this especially for my blog friends who have taken this whole journey with me, but anyone is certainly welcome to pray about this.  We are especially looking for monthly partners as we have a monthly goal that we must reach before we can go!  We have partners currently who give anywhere between $10 and $150/month.  It is all about God laying on your heart to give in some way, financially.  I’d love hundreds giving $10 and having so many a part of what God is doing! (one-time gifts are also wonderful:)  Again, it is all about you giving to God and we are just stewards of it…none of it is ours…it’s all His!

To give on-line Go Here!

Please e-mail me at the address above if you would like to contribute financially, so I know for our records and so that I can direct you in how to mail a gift, etc.

Most, I’m just praying that, somehow, some way, you are blessed by a touch of Him here at Fan the Flame today!

He is Worthy of ALL of our lives!

Sharing with Jen’s amazing meme, the SDG Sisterhood


And Laura’s



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