Thursday, May 19, 2011

Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change


It’s late on a Thursday evening, early on a Friday morning, and the house is quiet for five beautiful minutes and I write.

Thank you Lisa-Jo for this weekly joy in this right-now-too-busy-to-think-deeply-about-much…


a florida winter and happy place 054

When Seasons Change…


and all that is what life seemed to be shifts like the ripples of the pond over a still deeper water.

all that is the environment of life changes somehow.  for some it is the dying to be re-born in a day or time unknown.  for others it is the final breakthrough to life after months of waiting…but the reality is of what changes and what stays the same.

the sun to bear it’s constant light and show the watching world what is and what isn’t.  the wind to come in times often unbidden and to offer a cool refreshment from the weary walking and the seeing of what is gone.  the moon to guard the night watches and the symbols each constant are of the Ever Unchanging One.

for it is in the seasons changing that we find the anchor of all that is life.  we find where our joy, peace, hope, love are really coming from—not the things that are sure to change as is their due time, but in the unchanging reality of a love that defies description or knowing.  a love that has spanned all time, seasons of change, all that has ever shifted on this wildly spinning axis and come to live in one eternal reality within our hearts.  never to leave or forsake.  never to want a change of all that was created to be good and forever…only love that has always been and love that cannot be destroyed come highest storm or millenniums of changing seasons.



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