Monday, April 11, 2011

thank you my {blog} friends and all friends

I have been so blessed by, you, my wonderful blog friends, as we have been travelling now for 1.5 weeks.  Your comments reminding me that we are on your hearts and you are praying for us, have meant so very much.

Our time has been wonderfully laden with Spirit-filled interactions and moments as we are privileged to continue to share together the heart, passion and calling of God upon our lives face-to-face with others.

The Lord is meeting us in powerful ways on multiple levels and while there is significant support to be raised, we walk forward in great confidence that our Great God will ‘supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory’.  And that we will soon receive our heart’s desire to be sent to the tremendous harvest amidst the move of God in Hungary.

I am sorry that I have gotten to read others’ blogs so little and look forward to the chance to sit and hear from you and what God is doing in YOUR lives.  It will be a little while, yet, and, truth be told, I don’t know how much I will be able to write or read in these next couple months of major transition—continued travel, packing and pitching and pawning;), more travel and tying up loose ends, etc. etc.

But, regardless, I am thankful for you my dear blog friends and trust that the Lord is giving YOU more of His own dear self—He is all we will ever need…the fountain of love unending.

Thank You my Great God and King:

  • for the community of love and support I feel so strongly here
  • for how on all sides of our lives You are blessing us richly through the encouragement of so many
  • that we get to walk a journey that involves hundreds, even thousands, of others through their prayers and financial support
  • miracles daily of You orchestrating our lives and those of others so that we can meet and journey together
  • the precious work of Your people that we were blessed to share with yesterday
  • neighbors who open homes and invite friends
  • a priceless encourager doing so much for us in the midst of her pain
  • the prayers of the saints and getting to pray with so many dear ones
  • interceding to the point of tears for a treasure of a woman
  • continuing to believe YOU for the day of restoration coming in her life
  • connections, sweet and dear through the passing of years—renewed because of this!
  • connections, new and real and full and blessing—coming through this journey
  • kids who are able to be loved on by grandparents while we are out
  • an amazingly, dear home to stay in…rich, rich blessing
  • the little lovies and their preciousness
    • baby girl’s favorite word ‘no’…too cute and too bad:/
    • buddy boy’s tears b/c he wanted to hold hands to pray and we weren’t
    • his sweet ‘touch’ love language
    • warming up so quickly
    • son talking to his cousin by a tree when he was sad
    • cousins playing with such joy in each other
    • two easily distracted children
    • troopers in travel!!
  • meeting up with twin and sister and nieces and nephews
  • just knowing how much we are loved!!
  • the missing real—because we love each other so
  • strength I don’t see for a lot of travel this week
  • all You are going to do in it!
  • again, could keep going, just started, really, but won’t make this list
  • the BEST for all of us EVER yet to come!




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