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Our Story. God’s Story. The End is only the Beginning:)

{If you are new to Our Story, you can jump right in to this final installmentSmile 

No need to get caught up, but I would love for you to read a little more, especially the last installment: Our Story. God’s Story. Part 12.}

He is WORTHY of all of OUR LIVES!

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

~John 14:12 (New International Version, ©2011)

I remember the season in my life when John 14:12 (above) first drew my attention.  I remember thinking: “What in the world would this world look like if we, the redeemed, got a hold of this truth and took Him at His word?”

I have been on that hunt ever since.

Faithful friends who have been journeying in Our Story, which I began to write late last Fall (do you believe?) and all who may be entering this story anew, we are indeed at the final installment.

And what a joy to KNOW, the END IS TRULY THE BEGINNING.

In fact, I have been delayed these weeks in rounding out our time back in Hungary last summer when the Lord clearly called us to return BECAUSE we have been called ahead to the living of End of Speakout, etc 048this story.  Called to take Him at His word and for the even greater things already happening in Hungary (please watch this video, if you haven’t) and to move full-steam-ahead towards His taking us to this harvest!

Now to the story:  Last time, I ended with sharing the night I talked with our Director in Hungary, Dan.  The Lord moved my heart to truly open to coming to live in Hungary long-term.  I shared this with my husband and we prayed very specifically that, in our time remaining, the Lord would make His will very clear to us.  We knew we needed it to be clear because it would be very hard to leave a life we love here in Florida and to move that much further from our families.

And He did.

Many things happened in that first week alone of Speakout English Camp.

First, in the registration line I see my beloved Anita and Nori that I shared so much about in previous parts of this story.  They had already met JJ two years before, but now met Susie.  They brought gifts for each and so very quickly entered our family as young aunties for our kids.

End of Speakout, etc 102End of Speakout, etc 104

As I spent time with them, I again entered  their story.  Muddled family.  No one to show them the way to live right—for God.  Our family has become their spiritual family more than anyone else.  Truly, we are the ones God sent to them to be Jesus to them.  It is not a matter of someone in their sphere simply taking action—there are no other true believers that they have known as long as us and we are the closest a healthy marriage has gotten to them.

I saw a vision of cracked, dry, thirsty ground.  Their lives. hearts. souls.  And the blessings we have known all of our lives as believers blessed with families who truly love God are water poured into that dry ground that heals and truly shows them a picture of Life as He means it to be!

When they interacted with our kids, it was like they were indeed our family.  And as much as we both love our families here and miss them so, we sensed the Lord asking us to live Abraham’s charge: because we are blessed, we bless the world. 

We also had many other meetings and interactions that were divine appointments.  Every day that Jared went out into the town or around the camp he would make this special connection with someone, like Adam.  Adam was older than student age and Jared met him down by the lake.  He shared the Gospel with him and Adam was very interested.  So interested that he traveled roundtrip (3 hrs. each way!) ONE evening to Keszthely from Budapest for the Hungarian outreach that happens in the middle of camp!

End of Speakout, etc 067Daily, Jared would go with JJ to JJ’s favorite place: the train station (pictures above).  They would watch the trains come in and find someone to share the Gospel with and JJ even started wanting to hand them the Four Laws Gospel Booklet that we use!  Our not quite three year-old seemed to be grasping the essence of what motivates us to travel long distances with little sleep in overnight flights. 

Jared and my greatest dream is to really live our lives as a loving family and through that living and loving, speak of Jesus to a broken world.  In Keszthely, we first experienced the coming together of our greatest joys in ministry as a couple in 2006, with our son in 2008 and with both of our amazing children in 2010.  And we truly do believe {as I love to say often} THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

I believe that the Lord gave me a promise early on in our confirmation to come back long-term to Hungary.  One night when I couldn’t sleep, He spoke to my heart, ‘If you are willing to uproot and trust Me more and come to this place where I am calling you, then I WILL OPEN EVERY DOOR AND MAKE THE WAY STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU.’

I hesitate to write this so definitively, but I can think of many Scriptures like Psalms 37: 5 ‘Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and HE WILL ACT’ that I have been directed to and meditating upon since we returned. These are confirmations of this paraphrased promise I heard that night.

So, we began to believe that we were so clearly called that to turn back, pretend like it didn’t happen, etc. we would be living in outright disobedience to God.  And who, in their ‘right’ mind, heart or soul would want to do that?  End of Speakout, etc 167

And for a cherry-on-the-top, my friend, Ingrid, and I met with Bea (Bay-ah) {middle in picture on right} who worked at the ice cream stand that featured Speakout English Camp with a special flavor and gave all participants discounts, and shared the Gospel with her and she prayed with us to receive Christ!  That was one of the sweetest times I have ever had and I hope to be able to continue meeting with Bea when we move back. 

Honestly, is this real?  Do I really get to live this life and cultivate a life and family that speaks of Jesus and call it my ‘job’?  Vocation, I like better.  We are pinching ourselves and say many times, truly, IF WE COULD PICK ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, IN THE WORLD TO DO—it would be this!! 

How’s that for a fulfilled, rich life?

Afterword:  When we returned to the States and began sharing our ‘news’ with everyone, well, it seems we were the most surprised that the Lord called us so definitively!  Our team, friends and family were all somehow prepared to hear this.  Everyone has been so supportive, but we do, especially, ask prayer for our close friends (like family here in Florida) and our family.  Their support has not wavered, but with the reality of our actual move looming closer and closer, it is hard for all of our hearts.  We are counting the costs—laying them before Him—and do, very much, covet your prayers.

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