Monday, April 25, 2011

happy tears…

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As our normally not prone to tearing up pastor did so several times during the sermon, yesterday, Easter Sunday, I found my own bubbling close to the surface.

Happy tears.

His were coming from the sheer reality of the goodness of God in the Redemption completed through a Savior Risen from the dead! And my own coming from that same well—that infinite and happy well that, once tapped, leads to the deepest of beautiful realities.  JOY!  LIFE!  PEACE!  THE WONDERS OF LOVE!  THE TRUST THAT, NO MATTER WHAT, THE END IS DECIDED…FOREVER!

The tears flowed more freely as several members of our church did cardboard billboard testimonies.  They came from the left and right of the sanctuary and first showed life before Christ on one side of the cardboard.  Things like, ‘frozen in fear’, ‘abused. divorced.’, ‘addicted to drugs and alcohol’, etc.  Then, they flipped over to the other side and this showed what it is to be of the Redeemed:  ‘Healed.’  ‘Happily married and in love with God and each other.’ ‘Full of faith, love, joy, peace’.  etc.

I thought this was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in church.  It stripped away so much of what distracts and muddles and confuses and lifted up Him—the main ‘thing’—His forever-altering-reality that draws from death to life.  sick to healed.  broken to whole.  discarded to redeemed. 

I will cry those happy tears any time…Oh Lord, help me not to forget and let joy be zapped by all that swims in this whirling superficial yet pretentious sphere of life here in this world.  I want to see You and dwell in what is secure forever.

Praise You.  Thank You.

  • For a Risen Savior—the HOPE for all Time found in Him!
  • For the fellowship of the redeemed
  • For happy tears that all who love Him and His Gospel share
  • For a spirit of trust blanketing me
  • For the Grace to want to know this above anxiety, fear, anger
  • For the faith you are calling us to exercise
  • For how this is a marathon call and not a sprint
  • For how You work it out to not be able to ‘rest’ in provision; only You
  • For seeds of doubt (unknowingly) placed by others—they draw us deeper into You and as a team together
  • For meeting Zsuzsi—a believer and Hungarian—who lives here!  ONLY YOU COULD HAVE BROUGHT US TOGETHER
    • for the chance to hear her hard but triumphant story
    • for how deeply we were encouraged by her
    • for how her story and her knowledge of Hungary continues to underscore it’s great need of You
    • for being able to encourage her by what God is doing there
    • for her perseverance in sharing her faith with her family—even though she was considered crazy, mentally ill, etc.
  • For THIS SONG!
    • For listening to it and watching it this morning on Youtube
    • For son getting a serious face seeing Jesus, bloody, on the cross—he is understanding
    • For daughter with blankie just at peace and sweet listening
  • For this Flash Mob Dance from last Easter in Budapest, Hungary that continues to be amazing
    • For how it moves my heart—and plead that He would fill this land with a generation rising up in His Power
    • For how I know ‘Heroes' Square’ where it is filmed
    • For how that makes me happy to picture living in this city
  • For finding things to get excited about in the midst of all that’s coming
    • X-track overseas training—CAN’T WAIT!!
    • A family of missionaries—we love and waiting to receive us there
    • All of the ‘Jo reggelt’s in the morning, ‘Jo napot’s’ in the afternoon, and ‘Jo estet’s’ in the evening
    • Everything that will become home and life that I cannot imagine




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