Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday: A trip & Few of My Favorite Things

I am gearing up for another trip…two and a half weeks…close to 3000 miles of driving, 4-5 different beds…oodles and oodles of love from us to others and others to us…new faces excited about what God is doing in this generation, particularly the heart He’s given us to cross an ocean and live as long as He has to amidst the people of Hungary and this entire area of the world.

I am stressed, tired, weary, struggling with all of it…have been gasping for air and vision to see only what is right here, the next thing, I need your prayers.  Desperately.  Pray His truth over me…naturally, it would be like this…I buck against all that shifts and cling for Home…but am missing all this gorgeous forest for the trees and the path cut right through it to a Heavenly City whose Builder and Maker is God.

In the midst of running way behind and packing to finish, my dear hubby, said I could take the deep breath to join Lisa-Jo and one of my absolute favorite meme’s Five Minute Friday:

Straight from The Gypsy Mama’s

But most of the time I can only snag five minutes here and there to just write. And I don’t have time to worry if  it’s just right or not.

Perfect for Fridays. Want to join me?

1. Write for only five minutes. Don’t edit. Don’t over think. Don’t stifle your creativity.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Go leave some comment love for the five minuter
who linked up before you.

It’s invigorating; give it a try and see.

And in celebration of our family of five this week I’m giving away five of my favorite favorites from DaySpring’s Life to the Full Collection. Appropriate, no? With the new addition to our own Life Collection! (Michelle won the I Am Loved art from last week).

This week the scrumptious Life to the Full Pitcher and Platter are up for grabs. Oh how I love them both! And five of you who link up will too!

{Lisa-Jo’s got a brand new baby and two rambunctious boys, I have my hugest life transition(thus far)…no matter what, give yourself the treat to write for 5 sacred minutes!}

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes for the prompt:

UHS goodbye and getaway 166UHS goodbye and getaway 168UHS goodbye and getaway 170

A few of my favorite things….

Home and what that means.

Home and the Grace to draw me back to the eyes of eternity.

Home and the love of others—husband and son, today in particular—to give me sweet love when I have been so stressed and hard.

Joy that is Home.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Looking into eyes, creating love and life together amidst toys strewn, footballs kicked, questions asked, one another’s presence the most priceless of all.

Baby girl—tickling her and merry giggles that would melt any heart.  Son asking questions like ‘what’s impossible mommy?’ and getting to say that ‘that’s what people say CAN’T be done, but God can do it!’

Husband who can laugh at all this craziness and with such a sincere heart of faith to see God.  Listening to promptings and having the miraculous meet…like meeting in Florida a believer who lives and works in Hungary.  Another connection that can only be described as God that connects him with a Hungarian woman living here…there are not very many at all…

All that is coming…not my natural favorite…but a God who loves us and will prune us in the hardness to bring us into His arms and the only Home we’ll ever need.  This is where I rest and write and what makes all things, every moment, favorites.  That well of Grace…never, ever, ever running dry.



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