Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday: The Hard Love

It is a good day to look at ‘the Hard Love’

Taken straight from Lisa-Jo’s blog:

Want to take five minutes with me and see which ones bubble to the surface?

Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Here’s how we do it:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing or tweaking.

2. Link back here (Lisa-Jo’s) and invite others to join in {you can grab the button code in my right side bar}

3. Go and tell the person who linked up before you what their words meant to you. Every writer longs to feel heard. {And if you love us, consider turning off word verification for the day to make it easier for folks to leave you some encouragement}

It’s a great way to exhale at the end of a beautiful week.

And it gives me a chance to give one of you a pack of my very own hot-off-the-presses first ever DaySpring greeting card – a beauty I leant some words to for mother’s day.

Motherhood should come with a cape…A really cute one with sparkles, don’t you think?
Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s based on my twitter tagline and is for sale over at DaySpring; you can pick ‘em up here and I’m told there are only 50 sets left.

The Hard Love…

It all leads back to you, doesn’t it?  When we weather the storms of love that pull our hearts every which way, You are the anchor.  The one who ‘is acquainted with sorrow and grief’.  You are the One who gives us strength to love when it’s hard.  You call us to know in the stuff and marrow of our very selves the strength of infinite love that bore the penalty of the whole world, for all time’s sin, brokenness, pain, all that is de-void of the good that is you.  So done, that all might have the possibility to become good again—be renewed, made new.

And so this journey in the hard love is one that leads us straight to you.  The times, I know, when I have felt so crumpled within and do not have the strength to take the next step to forgive the one who’s hurt me so—it is You that provide the only hope.  Only in You can we love when it is hard and so therefore this is the journey of our lives, because it is the journey, the way of living, in which we need You.  And as we need You, You fill us and shine the light of Your Glory before a watching world.  On this day of remembrance, I fix my whole self upon the cross where you absorbed it all…I rest all that remains broken, hard, hurt, struggling before You the Only Hope of heart and life to be truly healed.

Thank You for being the God who epitomizes loving when it’s hard.  Loving when nothing is given back, while we were Your enemies, You. Only You.



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