Monday, March 21, 2011

Who got ‘Half the Sky’ and blogging Sabbath

The answer is, using this random number generator, Julie, who happens to be a very good friend of mine—and the one through which we initially found out about ministry in Hungary.  She didn’t think her heart could take reading the book as a friend had already suggested it through her blog, but after I talked about it too, she {reluctantly?} added a comment.  We agreed, that this was confirmation that she needs to read it.

I am hoping and praying that EVERYONE who didn’t know about ‘Half the Sky’ before or perhaps did but hadn’t gotten around to reading it, WILL NOW! 

I am posting my list of thanks this week and then will be taking a break from blogging this week.  I will either read more or study more and write about that, or hopefully all of it, or possibly none as my in-laws are visiting this week and my hubby and I are getting to go away TONIGHT.  OVERNIGHT!  This is only the second time we have gone away overnight in almost 4 years, so, yes, we’re quite excited!

I’ll be back next Monday with a giveaway of ‘Half the Church’!  Hope to ‘see’ you then!


Thank You for:

  • saving my soul.
  • making me whole.
  • for the amazing vision you cast for Your sons and daughters in these days!
  • for how You are clearing my life to see what I have been clouded about
  • for that deep gut, heart, soul determination to NEVER GO BACK
  • for the call to take a break from this place
  • for all that I don’t begin to know that You want to do in and through me/us
  • for COURAGE to DREAM BIG about the future {again}
  • for graciously drawing me back to only ‘holding’ this moment perspective
  • for how much more special it is, because it IS rare
  • for the GIFT I know it will be
  • for a marriage that heals and seals Your love to our hearts
  • for how we are best friendsSmile
  • for how we are a GREAT TEAM!
  • for bringing many encouraging things about our support trip home
  • for the future grace for all that’s coming
  • for the little things
    • a son who wants to do and get all things sports
    • the park and bike rides for little ones in the trailer
    • for a Pop Pop who loves to bike
    • for a MiMi who is young and the best playmate
    • for their reminder that the best we can give our kids is ourselves {not money, experiences, education, but us}
    • for baby girl loving the slide
    • for static-y hair coming down the slide
    • for how she is just a toddling machine
    • for black legs and hands
    • for a husband who exudes joy at a playground—not boredom
    • for son climbing the wall
    • for churchSmile
    • for a pastoral team that is incredibly refreshing
    • for gorgeous breezy 80 degree weather for months…{not trying to rub in, just THANK}
    • for tennis and swinging for the first time in years
    • for how fun it still is
    • for buddy boy wanting to get it so badly
    • for baby girl chasing the balls all over the court
    • for games in bed with son this morning
    • for cubby yummy cheeks, knees toes, hands…oh my!
  • for continual guidance as we walk to the unknown
  • for waiting and hoping both being ‘esperar’ in Spanish
  • for how worry is never Your will
  • for Life!
  • for the BEST being ever YET TO COME!

#946-990!!! {Next week…cross 1000!!!!}




  1. Abby, have a very wonderful time away with your hubby! ... and also have a refreshing week taking a break from blogging, spending time with your in-laws, and learning and growing closer to Jesus. Thanks for all the ways you are an encouragement to me and others in this place ... and we'll look for you next Monday!

  2. I just love what God is doing in your heart, Abby....your words encourage and refresh my soul...watching God raise up some precious people to continue His work long after we are gone.....

  3. Good for you. Whenever I break from blogging, I always come back refreshed and refocused. Thanks too for sharing about Half the Sky. I haven't read it yet, but I will soon. I'm glad gave us all a little push to think about this topic more. . .we need it.

  4. Your list is a balm and yet it excites me too for what God has in store for all of us. Enjoy your getaway and your break from the blog. It will be wonderful and refreshing I'm sure.
    I so admire and appreciate how you live so fully Abby. You've certainly given us all much to think about with the Half the Sky message. I praise God for you!


  5. The determination to never go back! Press on, dear one! Keep on pressing on! Thank you for your post today. I'm late in getting here, but I trust your week was a good one and that you were able to get away! It was a blessing for me to be here!

  6. debbie_suburbsanityMarch 25, 2011 at 2:27 PM

    I always love reading a list of gratitude! If we were all honest, we'd have too many things to even finish one:)

  7. Theresa@HeavenlyGlimpsesMarch 26, 2011 at 7:11 AM

    Missing you this week! Good for you taking some time off.


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