Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thin Place Story: The Eyes

Today, I have the privilege of sharing my Thin Place Story at

The Eyes That Drew Me Home

I talk about a crisp May morning when my mother only had a few days to live and I didn’t have the strength to care for her; to be in her presence. 

And how our faithful God met me through her eyes.

Will you read this story, there?

{If you don’t know Mary Demuth or the team that assists her, or the resources she offers to writers, then stay at her place for a while.  She, and her team, are great encouragers and you can share your thin place story too!}

Sharing with imperfect prose at Emily’s 

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and Mama’s Heart and Erin’s




  1. thank you abby... heading over there now...

  2. Your post about your mama's death is beautiful. I just lost my mama last month.
    (I am so honored to have you as my newest blog follower by the way.)

  3. I sat with my 97 year old mother as she passed away. It was such a peaceful experience. I will head over now to read your story. I came over from Mary's place to meet you. I have great faith in the Lord also. He was with me and my disabled daughter (still is) through our journey.

  4. Heading over to Mary's place now to read your story...but just wanted to say hello here first -- so pleased to meet you. Thanks for your comment on Jen's post -- I really do hope to spend some more time here...I like the thoughts you have going on!

  5. Thanks for stopping Michelle. I am planning to do your link-up this week...I've been wanting to, but didn't want to do it if I couldn't commit to reading others...but this week...:)

  6. Thank you, Ann, for coming and for reading my 'thin place' story. I checked your blog out more and started to follow, but will hope to read more in the future.

  7. ABBY, loved spending some time here today. Love your heart for students, for Jesus, for the broken in the world, for justice, for your kids and family. It's such a gift that those students have you to speak into their lives. To model for them what it means to love well. Press on, sister. Have a great weekend.


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