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Our Story. God’s Story. Part 11

Before I begin this week’s installment of OUR STORY , I’d love for you to enter this week’s giveaway by leaving a comment at THIS POST.  In case you don’t have time to read the post, the giveaway is a book called ‘Half the Sky’ and all you need to do is let me know if you’ve heard of it and/or read it, BY A COMMENT HERE!  Thanks!

If you are new to this Our Calling Story, well, just jump right in!  No need to catch up…I’m writing each segment to hopefully bring blessing in itself…

Trust all will be blessed with a touch of Him!


Do you remember, last week, I asked if you could guess whether the pregnancy test I took right before the high school girl’s bible study I was leading said ‘yes’ or ‘no’?  It was actually ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’.  I think everyone who guessed, said:

PREGNANT! AND YOU WERE CORRECT! We were jumping up and down excited thatSanford Zoo with Farr's 034 night and continued to be excited, however…

…at about week 5 (so a few days after taking the test) I got very sick.  On one hand, I was thrilled to know that the hormones were kicking in well and ‘hooray!’…a healthy pregnancy! But, on the other hand, I was so, so sick.  I had my initial appointment a little over a week after I started to get sick and I had already lost 4-5 pounds.  I was also throwing up popsicles. 

My doctor (thankfully) acted right away and prescribed the generic of ‘zofran’ which was initially used for chemotherapy patients and used to cost $1000 dollars a pill!!  But, now, I could get it for a $5 co-pay! This, in itself is a miracle!  And, it did work {pretty} well, but I was still quite weak.

This began a special never-will-forget era of ministry where almost every time Jared went to school sonogram shots 002lunches he would bring our son, pushing him in his little red stroller.  We were still at the first high school that I shared about last week and I am convinced that God did something special through seeing my husband being the loving, hands-on father that he is.  And it was confirmed that the adorable children God blesses us with open up many doors for ministry.

Along this same note, because of the sickness that necessitated my need for help with our son, we began a really wonderful pattern of ministry for our family.  There are so many things that our son and his daddy have gone to together—these lunches, football and basketball games.  And he loves it!  My husband is the most servant-hearted, do-anything-for-anybody, friendly person I know!  And my son is becoming the same! (still working on the doing for others, but FRIENDLY, YES!) He needs to know everybody’s name, even if it’s the delivery person at the neighbor’s house! Whenever he meets someone new, he walks right up to them and shakes their hand, because, THAT’S WHAT HE SEES HIS DADDY DO ALL THE TIME!

There’s a month’s worth of sermons in that one analogy, don’t you agree?

Cruise & before 053As the pregnancy continued, not until about halfway through, eventually I felt better.  We experienced a phenomenon in our family.  We actually stayed ‘home’ for the majority of the summer.  We did travel to Myrtle Beach for the same student conference that I talked about last week, home to Pennsylvania to visit family and to Colorado for a conference when I was 34 weeks pregnantWinking smile But, relatively, we were ‘home’ for a majority of May through August of 2009.

Then, in the middle of September, after a hospital stay for IV’s because of food-poisoning a few weeks prior, and walking around for weeks in pre-labor {to the point of being halfway dilated} our baby girl, named after my mother, Susanne, was born! 

Around the same time that she was born, we were re-located to our second high school here in Florida.  Weabby's shower 012 did not ask to be placed somewhere different and were willing to stay at the first school indefinitely, but hoped to have a team working with us.  However, after prayer and discussion, our leaders placed us at a new school.  It was really hard to have to abruptly leave the relationships we had begun, especially for my husband, but we trusted our directors and made the transition.

The new high school was the closest one to us.  It was 15-20 minutes closer and so my husband could go back and forth when our baby girl was still a newborn—as we don’t have our {blood} family nearby.  This high school also is a minority school where the majority of students are Hispanic and other minorities are also prevalent.  This is a great fit for us and my hubby, though quite whiteWinking smile, makes very good connections with ‘brothers’.  So does our son!!

DSCN0343The Lord has done amazing things in the year and a half in which we worked at this school.  Highlights from the first year were the continued in-roads to do outreaches {team talks and with pizza and the gospel and follow-up meetings with the teams} for all levels of the football and basketball teams as well as the girls’ basketball team and the volleyball team.  There was also the continued ministry over school lunches—meeting many new students and having spiritual conversations that introduced the gospel. 

Although I embrace the fact that this is ‘our’ ministry calling lived out at this high school, I struggled so with this year.  Yes, I had a two year-old and newborn and I don’t have family close, but I still so hoped that I could have a ministry to the girls at this high school.  There were no girl leaders to reach out to the many young women there.  The few interactions I did have showed me that there was great possibility, but I simply lacked the capacity to do what my heart wanted.

DSCN0235DSCN0238 DSCN0223DSCN0224







{These pictures are of a break dancing outreach soon after we went to the new school and our son watching, mesmerized!}

I prayed all through the year for the Lord to bring female leaders and He did! this year.  But there was a change in the capacity to volunteer of the main committed female leader and she had to stop after Christmas.  Would you pray right now that consistent volunteer leadership {particularly females} would be raised up to minister at this school?

And in this Sweet Interlude I describe the recent closure of ministry at this school so that we can prepare {raise support, pack, train, etc.} to move overseas…

So we are coming to the end of the story as the past is meeting the present.  When we decided last Spring that we would again return to Hungary in the summer, we honestly didn’t know it would lead us to a long-term, COME NOW!, call…we were open, but as I later realized, I WAS OPEN BUT WANTED MY TIMING AND MY WAY…

This is where we will pick up and (probably) spend two weeks detailing our return last summer and the call and confirmation we received.  I am so excited to write this!  All of the previous parts have set the stage for this!  And I can’t wait to process how all of this call took the definition and shape that we now walk in unflinchingly…


Sharing all of this, these weeks, with dear, sweet sisters at awesome Jen’s 


And with my sweet friend who loves Jesus and is just all-around amazing, Laura,




  1. how precious to see your son becoming like His daddy....and yes..praying for God to stir hearts to use the gifts He's placed within to come and minister with the girls. Trusting He knows. I do know He can bring people from anywhere. I am excited about this book you keep talking about. I am going over to 4 Comments.
    can't wait for next week to hear more:) love you so much and as always praying..

  2. What I love about this is how clearly He redeems something yucky (your sickness) into something beautiful, how He used it to form and raise another generation of Christians (your son) who will proudly proclaim His name. I also love how as much as we resist change, He gently shows us how His way is better.

  3. I love how He uses even the icky things, like sickness, to bring something beautiful from them. He is so good to us. What an amazing season of ministry for y'all. And breakdancing ministry? That is some geniusness! I would have been sitting like your adorable little guy ;)

  4. This is a pretty special part of the story, Abby. What a wonderful gift to have your family united this way. Isn't God amazing? I can't wait to read the next part! Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  5. What an awesome GOD we serve! We are all blessed as you witness to the wonders He has done and share your sweet wee ones pictures:)


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