Tuesday, March 8, 2011

on how I viewed the world…eleven years ago

I am taking another trip down Memory Lane and sharing a couple of poems about both how I viewed the world within and without during a real pull-back-and-figure-life-out time…this is why it is good to write our life…and good to re-visit and remember…









Photo courtesy of Dreamstine


stone face

the pulsing

yea convulsing

heart of man

as eyes span

     myriad of creatures

            whose features

are clad

     in this

and that

     a mist

of being


to un-being

       as doing

does the wooing

         in this place

         a clear face

              of stone.

AWK 9/4/00

walking in sunset and moon 022









where has the smile gone?

it once came

with no blame

     upon pretense

    for the pens~

                ive soul

               was whole

                     at rest,

                         but now

                    the test

                        of how

                  to live really

                 without a frilly

                           pack of teeth

                           bringing glee


                     But really,

                    where has the smile gone?

There she is!

Upon a still


is window sill

          whose banks curl

          as moonlight twirls

and says:

         “I have taken

                 your smile

                for a while.”

AWK 9/4/00

Shared with One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday



  1. oh i bet you could find that smile again...esp in reading there..so how long back did you write these...nicely done...

  2. yes, she was only gone a (short) while, that smile of mine:) eleven years ago...and good to remember where i've been to relish where i am now...

  3. where has the smile gone?

    There she is!
    Upon a still water

    I like this and as you said it is a good thing to glance back...I stopped early and left the word 'water' out leaving the thought, "there she is, upon a still..." and wow, did that bring back boyhood memories of discovering a 'still' in the backwoods of North Carolina. It indeed left a bunch of 12 year old kids smiling!

    However, the thought of rediscovering a smile while glancing into still water is powerful and I like this a lot! Thanks for glancing back and then sharing this.

  4. a mist
    of being
    to un-being

    I like the twists and turns in your short phrases. The one above in particular. Thanks for sharing your stroll down memory lane.

  5. Nice to see a different side of you, Abby. I like the phrase, "agreeing to unbeing." It is helpful to remember where we've been. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Oh, I love stone face! Puts me in a Roman amphitheatre somewhere, witness frozen in time - or in the middle of a love-less marriage. It's great!


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