Tuesday, March 15, 2011

on cemeteries and contemplation

{If you’re coming from One Stop Poetry, I had this whole post written and went to the link-up and saw that the disaster in Japan was highlighted.  I express from my heart, that I do not mean this to be uncompassionate…I grieve and have cried tears for what is happening in that country…however, what I share here, in the poem below, is not this a part of the lesson? We do not know what tomorrow will bring…even as I pray for those grieving and those lost in this country…}

I am continuing a trip down Memory Lane through the journals that I found going through things as we prepare to move overseas.  This poem was written in the summer of 2000 at the cemetery on the hillside just a couple of blocks up from my parents’ house where I was living at the time.  It has one of the most gorgeous views, housed in quaintness of small town historic America.  It was a great place to think for me in this season when I had a lot to process…I hiked up the hill to a spot not far from where {very unbeknownst to me} my own dear Mama would be buried less than two years later.

It is most definitely true that we don’t know what tomorrow holds…my Mama lived the opposite of what this poem highlights…SHE LIVED FULLY ON SO MANY LEVELS, NOT PERFECTLY, BUT LEFT THIS LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS.  I hope and pray that you have a sense of spending this One Life on what really matters…

Baby JJ 5-11 Klingen girls and Mother's Day 009

Crazy are the days.

A tiny elm shades

in the house of the dead.

Behold, below! my stone hedge

a fountain of sorts

whose shape contorts

in passing of years

oddly like the fears

that keep us all going

always seeking never knowing

the day nor the hour

when through this field

our dead cries will yield.

We’ll speak of a life gone sour,

of searching for power

only to find a tower

of rubble


hay and stubble.

And we’ll want to double

our time

to be alive.

But, who will hear

the yearning cry

as others pass by

holding most--

the same fear?

AWK 6/19/2000

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  1. wow. that's beautiful.
    i love this esp:
    always seeking never knowing
    the day nor the hour
    when through this field
    our dead cries will yield.

    thank you for posting and linking to oneshotwed.. my first week linking up and first time to visit your blog.

  2. the thing is we never really know...we act like we have forever...often it takes these disasters to wake us up...but then we forget again soon enough...

  3. sobering poem, and i want to live every day fully, not wishing for more than what I've been given.

  4. Worry not - we dedicate the week to those suffering in Japan, but that does not mean that all must fall in line to that theme. We put our hearts and souls out to those suffering there - but the creative mind flows as it will. Let what comes, comes, as your work has, in all its longing and its pain...the others tell it true: a piece that makes us all want to live the day to the fullest. Potent write.

  5. I too did not write for the tragedy. I couldn't. That does not mean, I feel any less. But my prayers for those suffering is private...not for public display...


  6. A great verse here.. and i could feel it so much.. thanks for sharing.

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... praying for People of Japan
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  7. So true. We really never know what's coming next.

  8. when I've been in or around cemeteries I often wonder what the lives of these were...what story did they have. what would it be like to sit with them now and what would they do different. I'm sure it would be life changing...captivating Abby...


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