Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lenten Prayer: Pray Europe 40-40-40

Just a quick scratch of a post to let you know of a way you can join me and thousands of others the world wide in prayer for Europe.

barcelona 012

PrayEurope 40-40-40: The call is going out to thousands of believers around the globe to rally together in prayer for spiritual awakening in Europe! Join us in this special initiative taking place from Ash Wednesday, March 9th, through Easter, April 24th, 2011. If you would like to receive daily email reminders and have not yet signed up for the PrayEurope newsletter, click this link for the e-newsletter signup.

40 Countries.  40 Days.  40 Seconds.

A way to fill yourself with a heart for His world even as you let go of things to more readily focus on Him. His Glory.  Displayed among the nations.

{though interest is vested as we will soon be living in one of these countries, I am pretty sure I’d still love to spend 40 seconds THIS WAY!}


and joining Tiffini’s Word Women Wednesday



  1. Yes, this looks like a great prayer focus ... I signed up for it a few days ago, and got my first email about it today! We have had a very wonderful time here in Dallas ... so so thankful for this time with our daughter & family ... and will be heading home early tomorrow morning. I have wanted to focus on our family here and so have not kept up with reading blog posts while we have been gone ... will look forward to catching up with yours (and others) when we get back home!

  2. Yes...I am praying for this awakening for all nations these 40 always I love your heart for Christ. Thinking of you today. I feel as if we haven't gotten to " talk " lately:) it has been so busy...

  3. So cool - thanks for introducing me to this idea!


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