Tuesday, March 8, 2011



‘to take full advantage of’

is the best english

given for this

spanish masterpiece.


‘carpe diem’

would be the

Latin offering, so

seize the day!


But each would

but be dull

copies of she who

holds also the


vibrant hispano

colors of

wisdom’s charging

flourish as she


reverses hindsight’s

regret and offers

the infinite embrace

of aprovechar.

AWA 3/9/2010


Created for and shared with thehighcalling.org Random Act of Poetry prompt What’s in a Word?




  1. Hello my Blogging Friend! :)
    We entered the same opportunity from The High Calling.
    I enjoyed your poem very much. To the point, thought provoking and powerful. Thank you!

  2. Abby, What a commpliment from Marcus Goodyear, as you now enter his radar as one to follow! Congratulations and again I really enjoyed your poem.


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