Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mama’s Heart…Restoration

Alleman Family Photo Shoot 050As I was losing my cool cleaning the poo from my potty-trained, knows-how-to-do-this son, frustrated that this was my current reality, I was graciously softened.

The Spirit was already working on my heart, my mama’s heart.  We had finished up our home school pre-school at my friend and neighbor’s house and I had come back from picking up my daughter at our house.  I realized that he had been playing nicely and may very well have looked for me, but I was temporarily absent. 

I’m cut to the heart. My frustration was not building him up and affirming all of the good things that he had already done that day.

At the same time, he, sensing my frustration, was in his tender-hearted nature seeking to be restored.

First saying, as he is leaning over the toilet so I can clean him better per my abrupt request, “Mommy, I love you.”

Well, I am melting at this point seeing the perspective that is so clear as to where the Abba Father is in this moment.  And I very sincerely say, “I know Buddy, I love you too.”

Then, he adds, “Mommy, I was a good boy at school today.”  It was true.  He had done wonderfully as is often the case—respectful, enthusiastic, cooperative, just an all-around joy.

Pouring liquid love, I affirm, “Yes, sweetheart, you did a VERY GOOD job at school today.  Mommy is so proud of you.  You have done so many good things today and I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you that before.”

We finish up soon after and I put him in the prescribed time-out but with tenderness and forgiveness already flowing. 

We pray together at the end of time-out (we do this after time-out or a spanking) and I hug him tight.

“Oh Lord, give me Your Love for this priceless son.  Your Love that loves me tight when I mess up…so, so often.  And Your Love that affirms the deep places where You are at work, rejoicing over me.

And Oh Lord, I pray that this son will always quickly seek the restoration when he strays.  In these growing up moments, days and years when he seeks Your face through my Mama Heart.  And ultimately, when He clings to Your Grace that will carry him all of his days and forevermore.

Thank You for Your abiding Presence and Love.  Thank You for being in each moment if we but have eyes to see Your Power at work.  Help me to live this as a Mama. 

For Your Glory and the Praise of Your Great Name Alone, Amen.”

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