Wednesday, February 9, 2011

like a florida winter…


a florida winter and happy place 033a florida winter and happy place 046

it has taken me three years to realize

that there is winter here.

trees stand still bare

and spanish moss hangs like snow

warms, cascades icicles.

florida winter reprised 005

but a florida winter also

buds and blooms and

will not allow thick crusty

layers, frozen cold

penetrate what is meant to live.

a florida winter and happy place 057

and I wonder at the ways I live

here with the heart of a florida

winter.  though Habakkuk's fight to

rejoice in all that does not spring or

yield her fruit is known,

florida winter reprised 010florida winter reprised 011

there is even now the fulfillment of the

promise made YES in He whose work

is done and triumphant. in this

sun what petals will not open

to display her praise?

a florida winter and happy place 058

thus florida winter has found, wooed and

won me with her brave-lined life

against what is gone, lost, and

her ever reminders of life renewed;

the continual coming forth.

florida winter reprised 006florida winter reprised 020

and so it is this florida winter,

who sows her seeds of expectation

and flows her rivers of song,

I will cherish as my own

beloved season wherever I go.

AWA 2/8/2011

a florida winter and happy place 054

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