Saturday, February 5, 2011

(in)courage and grief


Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 067

Today, I am sharing over at (in)courage about something that is both very good and very hard to talk about.


I share about a morning when the Lord graciously allowed me to see the ‘root of grief’ over my mom’s death 8.5 years ago and how that freed and continues to free me up to work through the emotions of ache and pain which go with grief and can so easily pull me deeper into myself.

He has shown me what it is to give this hurt that runs to the core of who I am to Him and even find thanksgiving and praise for Him in it.  The result: New Life.

Here’s how it starts:

It happened again today.  A sudden welling up of emotion surprising me. I don’t know why since I have always been a complex emotional maze.  But this time was different.  That tear-filled mountain that picked the moment I was on the phone with the doctor’s office to erupt.

Sucking down hard, I urge myself:

“Pull it together—where is THIS coming from?!”

read the rest over at (in)courage, and if you haven’t checked out this wonderful community, please do!

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