Wednesday, February 16, 2011

heavenly hues


around home, osceola fair 022

Tomorrows held high in His hands

Gray clouds cover; dance in expectation

And as I drive I click. and click.

Through wooing lace He pulls me into wonder.

around home, osceola fair 023

And mystery meets, marvels, melts.

around home, osceola fair 024

I ask for eyes to see pattern’s peace.

Windows’ open spaces to receive

And faith sky blue clear; calling.

Watching woven unwinding; celestial clothes.

around home, osceola fair 025

And I savor, soft spirit sweetly sighs.

around home, osceola fair 026

Now in the drawing down dropping,

Achromatic ache alters all around.

I yank gaze away from what’s high

And walk happy towards deepest loves.

around home, osceola fair 027

And I trust till touching tints time.

around home, osceola fair 057around home, osceola fair 058

In the living, laughing, loving

Eating fair food, memories sweet;

Dazzled and dazed in the deference

Sunset swirls, seeking, singing.

around home, osceola fair 059

And Heavenly hues hover; highlight Him.

around home, osceola fair 061

I amaze that all has not stopped.

Staring still as I am frozen, locked.

Fleeting Glory passes before the world

All but to behold and believe.

around home, osceola fair 060

And Love lavishes; long loud lingers.

around home, osceola fair 062

And Heavenly hues hover; highlight Him.

And I trust till touching tints time.

And I savor, soft spirit sweetly sighs.

And mystery meets. marvels. melts.

AWA 2/16/2011

Sharing with friends at Emily’s…trusting this is a giftSmile

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  1. LOVE these shots ~ I have SO many of my own....I'm a proud "drive-by-shooting" photographer, too!!!! HAHAHAAA! Made me laugh to see that you do the same. I feel like they are God's gift to me, especially when I see the rays of sun coming through the clouds. Have you read Captivated by Staci Eldredge? Thanks for sharing these words! : ) : )


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