Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scarlet Sea

Immersed in a scarlet sea she
presses dull footsteps longing
to be seen through light of a brilliance
altogether different than first glance
has captured all before.

She forgets when her eyes first
intertwined with blazing red lost to all
other hues that paint another
world where hope sings her song
on multi-colored plains.

Piercing the fiery shame are but
dark lies absorbing even the
last tinge known only
for its burning indictment that
consumes her life.

Wondering if reddened names
are all she is

when rises
above the clanging precious gem
ruby with possibilities
yet unimagined.

Across her flickers an image
forming arms to envelope within
something long forgotten
stirs to believe in love real as
crimson voice lilts.

AWA 1/9/2011

(I had already posted this and linked to One Shoot Sunday, but loved the whole picture, theme, etc. so much that I just wanted to put it out there again,

so, this is also linked to One Stop Poetry ‘s One Shot Wednesday 

Hope that’s Ok, One Shot!!Confused smile)

Photo by KJ Halliday

KJ Halliday on Twitter:
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Originally For One Shoot Sunday @ One Stop Poetry

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