Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a Week…

P1100975This was all that I missed in listing thanks as I have begun to do intentionally with Ann’s Multitude Monday.

Just one entry missed since I began every week at the end of the summer.

Traveling home on the day of the link up (though it’s extended a week)…here. there. everywhere.  Understandable given the circumstances.  But, I DO NOT want to miss again…barring dire circumstances, I purpose to continue.


Because in missing one week--noting all of the God things, the good and the bad and the in between that are a part of the ‘all things’ that we are commanded to embrace in thanks, I have lost my way.  I cannot remember a week since this practice began when I have been so given to a complaining spirit.  So many things stayed gloomy and trapped and turned rancid because they were not lifted high in thanks.

It is not a Divine whip that calls us into thanks.  Not that legalistic vice that our flesh so often misconstrues, distorting the way of His commands.  No, it is His Kindness.  Wide as the ocean…Heaven’s infinite ocean that spills over in waterfalls of rushing love…and all that follows…joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.  Our land of plenty born in the kindness of His ways.  One week in wilderness wandering and I want HOME.

Parched and gasping for the clear air of a country known in weeks when thanksgiving flowed, I come, O Good and Great God and Thank You reaching back to the missed and asking for the miracle of transformation of the spoiled fruit:

For time home.
  • For the love of so many that wrapped us up tight.
  • For the ‘being wanted’ by many
  • For the time too short
  • For the longing for more we all felt.
  • For the love of so many we could not be present with
  • For the pain and missing at not seeing them
  • For strength stretched
  • For aches in tender heart places known
  • For all of the longing for Forever.
    • Heaven.
    • All Who We Miss Loving You Together Forever.
  • For singing hearts, “Even So, Lord Come!”
  • For a Barnabas friend
    • For praying for time with her
    • For her having me on her heart
    • For the sweet fellowship
    • For 5 hours not being enough
    • For the challenge of her life of faith
  • For time with Family
    • For Hubby’s family close and easy
    • For hands-on grandparent love
    • For tia’s huge heart we share in Spanish
    • For bringing my family together
    • For a sweet day
    • For encouragements in the next generation
    • For seeing Your Hand where I’ve doubted it
  • For Sisters
    • For sweet nieces in a home where love is expanded
    • For Hubby to be uncle and pack his heart with love in the presence
    • For my kids to love cousins
    • For before bed chats and prayers
    • For tears and missing after we left
    • For a surprise chance to spend much more time with sister
    • For all that it is to have come from the same place
    • For twin sister
    • For laughter and love
    • For growing in these years
    • For cousins loving each other up and down the hall
    • For sweet baby girl embracing her ‘other mommy’
    • For the joy of one-of-a-kind love
  • For Church
    • For Dear Ones with whom to share
    • For Dear Ones that partner with us in the work we are called to
    • For Prayer warriors promising to ‘pray us home’
    • For babies come
    • For life in every way springing up!
For Traveling (back) Home
  • For Day #1
    • For a husband’s prayer to bless one along the way
    • For a miscue and a longer route
    • For a woman who asked if I wanted to buy books
    • For their being good books son loved
    • For dollars given
    • For finding they live in their van
    • For a God they love as we do
    • For a husband’s huge heart to melt my stony one
    • For more dollars given
    • For lunch given
    • For a Good, faithful God to entrust our very little and ask it to multiply in their lives
    • For a intercession for the coming home of them and their kids given to the state for now
    • For the memory of them that won’t be forgotten
  • For Dearest Auntie
    • For the welcome dinner kept though arrival late
    • For mommy-ness that touched the deep places
    • For heart to love you Lord
    • For so many hard things and the perseverance
    • For nurture and care to fill us in the one half day there
    • For the pictures of mama’s sister with baby girl named after mama
    • For all of her memories of mama as a baby
    • For priceless community in blood, generations, faithfulness through the Spirit
  • For Day #2
    • For hubby to stay alert
    • For C.S. Lewis on CD
    • For kids to endure 12 hours
    • For miles attached to thousands of others—You have protected!
    • For son to have ZERO pee accidents in 1000 miles each way!
    • For coming Home
For Returning to Our Home.
  • For a dancing, jumping boy at midnight
  • For a smiling napless girl loving on long lost toys
  • For the space to be a family
  • For Tim Keller’s Sermon that reminds me of being an exile ‘We Had to Celebrate’
  • For neighbors who are family to us.
  • For getting back to teaching pre-school with my neighbor for our kids
  • For all that looms and mama’s words ‘do the next thing’
  • For a hubby who came right back to the lives of high school students
  • For an amazing God meeting where broken young men opened up
  • For the Gospel to go forth boldly in a public high school
  • For the few days/weeks left and the charge to ‘finish well’
  • For tough support season that drives us to our knees
  • For the reminder soaking in that ‘He who calls is faithful’
  • For a faithful God to anchor us in Him in this year of change
  • For a ‘True Older Brother’ who challenges and is tender
  • For the ‘end of the struggle’ and the need for Him
  • For lost things, found
  • For shorts weather
  • For swings
  • For walks
  • For porches to play on
  • For picnics anytime. anywhere. fake or real foodWinking smile

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