Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the best I can offer


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Each night we pray for their hearts and souls and plead with Heaven that they would be of the Father.  Born in Zion.  All of their fountains in Him.

We pray that they would be strong and fearless and rise up and be counted in their generation. 

We pray that they will shine as the stars in the Heavens.

We pray, as we have since newborn days, that the Lord will shepherd them.  and as we end ‘and surely goodness and mercy shall follow YOU, (name inserted), ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD FOREVER…’

We plead, ‘Yes, Lord, make it so.’

Does anything else really matter? 

We pray that He breathe life into these prayers and that in heart of hearts they yet recognize their need for HIM.  That they not step one foot in the ‘far country’ and live all of their days in service to the Great King and Father evermore.

We pray in humility for grace to love and parent them even then knowing that we mess up.  We have messed up and we. need. Him.  We have no love that is His love for them unless He gives it to us.  We pray for them and they lead us to Him by their need.  our need reflected.  and we are all kept all of our days.

I have been kept all of my days.

Since wee babe until the day my husband came into my life, my knee bent all-heart praying father pleadedwalking in sunset and moon 007 with God for a man with ‘a heart for God and a heart for me.’ 

Long seasons and years I spent in foolishness and would have settled for so much less than fervent prayers of my papa asked.  But, he never stopped.  I am convinced that the doors to paths that would have wrecked were slammed shut through the might of those prayers.

My papa failed as papas go.  There was never another option than that he would be imperfect, human and mess up. But he daily knelt in victory and lined my life with the greatest gift showered in multitudes and manifolds that a human can give another.  The gift of too-many-to-count heartfelt, daddy heartfelt, prayers.

And I walk a hallowed way of uncertainty missing the heart and wisdom of a mama already in Heaven when I became a mama myself.  And I walk in reverence and line the lives of my own children with the best gift I know to give.  Prayer.

And I plead as I write here that I will have the grace when He answers.  When they rise up and are counted and fearlessly walk to unknown lands and places to be mighty for Him.  When they embrace with all they’ve got the love that will not let go and take Him at His Word and surrender all that they are to Him. 

And for all of the days and seasons when I am prone to discouragement that these prayers will never rise up, I persist as my papa.  I believe that the wisdom of prayer will measure and level off the foolishness of youth and that in the Great Papa Above’s perfect timing He will bring to completion the work that He has begun until that Great Day.

Perhaps this is how they will come Home forever.  Ushered into that Great Day in zeal for His Kingdom in a world gone recklessly wrong and the stars that shine from within their lives will be lifted into the skies when Heaven and Earth meet and all becomes new.  Old passes away.  And prayers in humility by those stretched to nothing to a God who receives all The Glory will reign.

Yes, Lord, make it so.

This is the heart habit that wrapped my life tight and spills out all of the pride of anything I’ve done.

This is the best I can offer to these wee ones.

Yes, Lord make it so.


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