Friday, January 28, 2011

All Around Me

This post goes with Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday Prompt…’The Women’

This is the tiniest of glimpses into the ocean of heart and life that is my co-laborers as women and I relished the morning spent in thanksgiving and sharing heart and prayer.  The tiniest of glimpses…


We sit and share the bread of thanks.  First the easy and then we put in the hard.

I say it and then I listen.  I marvel at the stories I hear.  I marvel at the women He is writing these stories over.

They are beautiful and unique and if I could in five minutes give but a glimpse…

Only in her generation—so uniquely gifted and full of exquisite beauty within and without that I plead she sees for all of its glory. His glory.

Mama with sweet son who was a ten plus year journey.  Seeking the face of God in all things…given back a life after a long-term coma. Wise and wonderful and His.

Mama of three so close who speaks with Him as by her side.  Mary Magdalene of modern day…many years redeemed and given back.  Her live full of wisdom and courage beyond her years.  And Glory, marvelous, glorious light.  Light in the darkness around her.

Youngest of all but so, so old in the experiences of youth and becoming the parent robbed of the opportunity to be child.  She is a woman of grace that surrenders the mama that is a mix of personalities and loves unreservedly in the hardest of broken places.

All together breaking thanks’ bread and pleading for the generations of littles in our homes and this generation in our schools.



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