Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ode to Kairos

How to make a starry night sky 4

Infinite fullness bejeweled

Imaginative love communed

All living the Word so tooled


Crown of creation fooled

Love triune crafted a plan

Infinite fullness bejeweled


Promises in pages spooled

Unraveling midst midnights many

All living the Word so tooled


Oppressive chains in and out ruled

Hope’s hand shimmered and glossed

Infinite fullness bejeweled


So came baby fragile Who’ll

Bear rough sorrow-laden upon

All living the Word so tooled


Kairos displayed in perfect tune

Redemption sits on Heaven’s footstool

Infinite fullness bejeweled

All living the Word so tooled.

AWA 12/5/2010

Shared with One Stop Poetry for One Shot Wednesday

This is my attempt at a villanelle inspired by the one L.L. Barkat recently wrote and explained its form.  I was intrigued by the form and decided to try it…I don’t know if it’s that the gloriousness of what I’m trying to write about is something I will be deepening in for eternity or that I have been writing liberally in free-form poetry in this season of my life, but this ironically lacked luster of the ‘bejeweled’ essence I was trying to create…

Nonetheless, I trust it might bless or cause someone who reads it to contemplate more one of my favorite words, the Greek, Kairos, that has stayed with me since I studied that language for a year while at seminary.

This Kairos is something I very much think about during Advent, for it was in “the fullness of time” God came near and put on flesh as a vulnerable little baby…


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