Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Journey Ahead

And it’s a long road Home

and a long way back

that brings me here anew


The Places I have been

painting pictures in my mind

As I rolling hills stroll


Classic scenes of nurture

remembered and treasured

Silent cheers that bolster


Strength to forge ahead

epitomized in roots

of being that reach far down


As beauty allures unending

eyes gaze while under

smooth melodic terrain


And I know I’ve come

full circle and all that

is ahead has come before


Now I perch ready

to grasp it and mold it from

a me that has risen up


Amidst the days piled high

Of study formal yet it is

lessons integrated in the


woven tapestry of a

life only I have lived that

solidify the journey ahead.

AWA 12/12/2010

Written for One Shoot Sunday @ One Stop Poetry


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