Sunday, November 14, 2010

where parable meets Gospel psalm

(here in, dear friend, you will find, my journey in Psalms 37.  Gemmed verses that first spoke words of peace and life, but were unsustainable in first rendering…and through months of meditating and marinating are leading to that Life which is the gospel psalm)

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 005**(in the first two sections  I have underlined all of the words that are either directly in or are a direct paraphrase in Psalms 37)

With hands of trust I dig into this land I will inherit

Promised over and over in this place that sings a psalm—It will be my land.

I unpack my life and choose to dwell here where faithfulness is my food

I trust that I will have enough to live off of in this land and do the good placed before me. 

I commit my dreams for this land into the hands of a good God who says he will act.

I ask for a heart to see and delight in all that He is and drink deeply of the Sun-filled One.

I walk the rows and plant the seeds of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.

And I wait patiently, and sit upon the ground and am still and trust in Him to make it grow.

 Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 061

Yes I am still sitting here… 

…waiting…waiting! WAITING!!!

rising. rising! RISING!!!


It is not long before I stand in full fret.  I worry about a sun too hot it will scorch and the land does seem to dry as I think it.

No longer sitting in peace, I see another field a flourish—he who sowed to pride and hatred and greed.

I’m pacing these rows now.  I wonder why there are no sprouts of life.  I even uncover precious life-giving soil digging for what I want to see.

I ignore the evil I’ve invited and keep walking this life-ebbing path of worry.

Soon comes raining down upon my land.  The one I am to inherit.  That is to be my faithful food and bear much life—

Flaming arrows of evil.

I see that Enemy firing away to destroy the land of good seed and claim it as his own pride-hatred-greed-filled one.

He draws closer and brandishes his sword of lies and aims right at a heart prone to doubt and fear.

I can but utter one panicked, pleading cry…




In an immediate answer I am picked up and carried as he slays the one come to kill and Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 071destroy…more than my land…me.

He touches each singed hair and all of the degrees of burning on me and my land. 

He gently lifts out the scorched places and replaces with new, lush soil.

Where worry has uprooted, he plants new seeds of love and joy and peace and all that He is.

And then he takes my hand and promises:


“I will show you, beloved, what it is to live in this land I have promised you.

I will replace your worry, doubt and fear with trust, faith and a courage that will make you strong.

In the light of my love, your land will flourish.  Soon there will be signs of life.

You need not do a thing but look to Me as I redeem this land and place My Name upon it.

I do all the work and give you what you do not have. 

I know you are frail and susceptible to attack.

It is I who fill you with a love big enough so that you can trust Me.

Beloved daughter, I am Lamb of God and ‘All the Glory of Emmanuel’s land.’

Behold Me. 

I will create Life and Beauty in this land. 

Life enough to feed the world and

Beauty enough to draw others to a land where they too can behold. 

They will inherit the land I have for them

and together you will endure forever.

My Kingdom Come.Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 072

Beloved. Behold. and Behold. and Behold.

Become. and Become. and Become. 

Glory. and Glory. and Glory.

Forever. and Ever. and Ever.



Will you meditate upon this Psalm or another…and find the gospel there??

Thank You Lord—that Great Tender of the soil that is my heart and life:

-for a gospel psalm

-for living after Jesus’ completed work.

-for finding Jesus in every page of Scripture

-for your work—the Work of the Word made Flesh.

-for how you carry me in this life.

-You are my trust

-in Your Grace I dwell

-Your Love is my land, fruit, life, ALL

-You are my highest Delight

-My desire is for You…and You give YOU!


-for how the gospel has filled this land…my life, my home

-the joy in each new day with my kids

-the open heart of a little one to continue to initiate even when I turn him down

-the bright hope he finds in “A Booo-i-ful day!!”

-the greetings of our “bunka-boo” as we all run in to get her

-the happy claps and kicking legs when she joins us each day

-the sweetness of perfect Florida fall weather

-the butterflies that daily sail through our yard

-the sacred place made just outside my porch door

-the happy picnics with plastic food

-the way my daughter's bits of hair fly up when she swings

-the way my son says “go HIGHER…HIGHER!”

-the daily walks and that they are gorgeous!

-a husband who loves and eats whatever I make for dinner!!

-that he eats multiple nights of the same leftovers!!




  1. Abby, this is so, so beautiful! Psalm 37:3-5 are some of my favorite verses ... what a beautiful picture you have painted of these verses and of this whole Psalm. I awoke this morning with some worry on my heart ... and such a good reminder your writing was to me. To just say the name "Jesus" ... I often need to do that, as well ... it just takes a word from the heart, reaching up for help. He is all we need. Thanks for sharing ...

  2. Abby,
    I will be reading this Psalm later in this day. Thank you thank you thank you for spilling your heart like this. Somehow I feel closer to Him just reading your words... I know it's the mystery of His body and us the parts, and I could never explain it.

    "Where worry has uprooted, he plants new seeds of love and joy and peace and all that He is."

    Oh all that He is!


  3. All we have to do it trust. Sounds so easy right?! At least we have a patient Lord!


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