Wednesday, November 10, 2010

when butterflies dance…


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tripping over the same things

I fall. I fail.

I wonder why my kids

don’t have



One who is

always present

and who is

always playing

even though


Amidst self’s blows

I take his

hand and we

walk outside.

I feel the

evil withering

in the

gospel psalm

I write

on my heart.

we walk

into the sun

hand in hand

and lay

side by side.

And butterflies

dance and

mama smiles

from Heaven.

AWA 11/10/2010

Imperfect Prose[3]



  1. I got to read two wonderful posts by you in one day! What a treat!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. My prayers for your ministry are lifted up for you now.


    "tripping over the same things

    I fall. I fail."

    I often find myself tripping over the same things. I wonder too, why my kids can't have a mama who learns to watch her step better... one who learns faster from her mistakes.

    What a tender heart you have Abby. I am blessed that you shared a bit of it.


  2. Abby this is truly inspirational...i love it! :-)

  3. i love the sweetness and rawness of this. i've had those moments where i wonder what on earth i'm doing and why i'm doing it again (!) and how can these wonderful babies be mine? and then mine will be something other than butterflies perhaps, but there's always grace, and he whispers it strongly to us. i love this poem.

  4. smiles. i love butterflies...and you know what...they got the mama they need...

  5. evil withering in the gospel psalm ...

    oh friend, yes. the bible heals and sharpens and reminds us, we ARE worthy, because he makes us so. thank you for this beautiful poem. xo

  6. Ohhh, yes, I trip over the same things . . and so thankful I am picked back up by our Savior.

    So beautifully written.

    It's my first time joining in with Imperfect Prose. Nice to "meet" you!

  7. Gorgeous...thank you! It is very humbling....I feel that I fall short as a mom every single day....thankful for His grace. And write His word upon our heart....absolutely necessary. Thank you for the beautiful reminder, friend! Visiting from Emilys.

  8. I wonder the same thing about my kids. Why didn't they get a mom who likes barbies and Thomas the Tank Engine? Why did they get stuck with super serious me?

    I'm thinking one day we'll find out why...we must be the perfect mothers for these children.

    we must.


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