Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks is Spreading…


Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 056

Can you feel it?  The glorious wind of thanks that is spirit in tune with the holy and there are thousands, pray Lord, MILLIONS! of captives in hearts being freed and poured out in thanksgiving to You, Lord…To You Alone!!!

I’m delighting in sharing the uprooting of the hard, lifeless and re-planting in my heart of seeds upon seeds of goodness called thanks.  It’s been a blessing to share the heart being changed as a part of the endless gifts I began with many of you who might read this through an amazing blog and gifted thanks-giver, Ann, at Holy Experience.

Thank You, Lord, for a heart of thanks that CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!!… 

-the blessing of sharing a heart changed by thanks

  • with women of the Gospel ministry world-wide I am blessed to wear one humble pair of shoes and journey with in spreading the good news far and wide
  • with a sweet, sweet church that loves Jesus and is reaching, reaching out and to say, ‘begin the discipline of thanks. grow in more of the gospel speaking grace I see in you!’
  • with a precious community of women being (in) courage-ed here at
  • praying oh praying this is happening by your grace with my family, husband, kids and anyone else I come in contact with…

-for the hard things this week of Thanksgiving…holiday

  • grieving my mother gone and not sharing physically with her
  • my blood family I love deeply being too far away to be with this year
  • aching all the more as I will, Lord willing, be living an ocean away come next Thanksgiving
  • dear friends, here, where I am, who love me who have other plans…I understand, I do
  • I thank you for all of these and how my heart has been sad…I am learning so of that feeling of lostness and unbelonging…didn’t You always feel that, Lord?
  • I thank you Lord that you are continuing to grow me in the tears I have shed for what is hard this Thanksgiving
  • I thank you Lord that you are giving me courage to mature and become the one who receives others and to reach out and to have a heart to find great joy in it…becoming the legacy that I grew up in where we all brought in others…every year…all those without home came to be with us and now I get to do the same:):)
  • I thank you Lord for your unending patience and that you love my tears and do not forsake a one, but see them all…and hug me close…Abba, Daddy…


You are So, So Good…All the Time, Lord!!!

Your Love Endures Forever!!!!!!!!!

with the Chronicling Psalmist I say it AGAIN!!!!!!!!

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
   his love endures forever.”

I Chronicles 16:34



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  1. Abby, I pray that you will have a wonderful Thanks-giving week ... filled with joy that only comes from Him, over-flowing to others. Thanks for your continual words of insight and encouragement ...


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