Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Swinging Free

I push.  You fly.DSCN5168

And you are you.

And I am me.

You come back

smiles wide

bright inside.

Swinging Free.

Wings to soar

I give to you


And we form

shouts of ‘jubilee’

as you sway

Swinging Free.

Hair up high

as I give you

all the energy

of love’s delight

and you give it back

with flowing laughs

Swinging Free.

Your eyes lock

to mine


as I give the

loud ‘woo-hoo!’

and you come to me

Swinging Free.

I raise you high

and let go



you glide to

the other side

Swinging Free.

Swinging Free.

AWA 11/24/2010

Imperfect Prose[3]


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