Sunday, November 14, 2010

purposed bravado

it is as with

purposed bravado

you cover yourself

naked of home

stranger to all.

you shelter from

the sharp cold

felt most


in the shard

of indifference

I point.

AWA 11/14/2010

One Shoot Sunday @ One Stop Poetry



  1. the shard of indifference i point...what a strong ending to a fantastic poem..very few words - but spot on

  2. I was just going to post those same words ~ shard ~ point ~ really stabbed ~ cutting ~
    shard of indifferece ~ very nicely tied together in so little packs a powerful punch

  3. Abby, this deserves so much more than three comments. It's true, this photo made me think of being nameless, unbelonging. You did such a good job of bringing it to life.


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