Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh, It’s Daddy’s Vacuum!

trick or treating and vacuum 036 This evening, as I’m getting ready to leave, my little blond-haired three year-old love comes through the hallway to the bathroom where I am.  As he sees the vacuum in the hall he exclaims,
“Oh it’s Daddy’s Vacuum!”
At first I get a little defensive and think, “Hey, I vacuum too!” 
And then I pause and am reminded of how sweet it is that my son is learning from his daddy the bigs and the littles. 

He is learning…
…to love high school students and embrace them unreservedly.
…Daddy knows his way around the kitchen (almost;) as well as mommy.
…to be a man after God’s own heart.
…Daddy’s can work through grocery lists with kids in cart.
…to open his heart to everyone he meets…and the Good News is always ready to be shared.
…Daddy loves him enough to meet his need—even in the middle of the night.
…to pray for the needs of others at any point in the day.
…and that Daddy’s Vacuum too!
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  1. Love it! So you wrote this or it's from another blog? Confusion lurks in the blogosphere and I am a novice:)


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