Sunday, November 7, 2010

let the pain…

let the pain cry from caverns unknown

let the pain furrow through heart’s callous

let the pain utter in gasping breaths

let the pain stand and walk and run

let the pain find another’s own

let the pain birth communion true

let the pain kneel and partake of him

let the pain knit together; make whole

let the pain rise in triune’s praise

AWA  11/7/2010

(thought it fitting that this came together on

a Sunday where i partook in communion)

a catalog poem (i think)



  1. Very beautiful Abby... such a delight to read :)
    All the best
    Marinela x

    Short Poems

  2. Wow. This is definitely a very well-done catalog poem. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. "let the pain stand and walk and run"

    That part. Yes.


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