Monday, November 22, 2010

Have You Found Your Happy Place?


“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”     

~Matthew 5:8


Definition of Happy Place:  A location; be it 1 square foot or 1 hundred or 1 thousand or 1 MILLION sq. ft. where you remember to take deep breaths and let the moment be what it is and offer all of the gifts it has and allow yourself to enjoy this blessed/happy life you have:):):)

DSCN5146I’m in a transition.  A HUGE, LIFE-ALTERING TRANSITION.  Do you hear the anxiety in my voice? It’s called packing up life.  Uprooting a family of little ones hubby and I and traveling, I mean wandering, I mean sojourning wherever the wind blows…or more likely obediently and joyfully following God’s gracious call on our lives.

One that will fill the next months with boxes and sorting, and more sorting, and head spinning cannot think straight even more sorting of all that we possess physically, emotionally, spiritually and hanging onto only what we need—or desperately seeking to, at least.  We’ll probably call several places home for days, weeks, months as long as it’s where we need to be and we are together.  And then, it is our glorious hope DSCN5150and prayer that all will line up for us to fly over one big ocean and unpack said necessities in a Life we have been preparing for all of our lives…

And you had better believe that in the madness and sadness and crazy fuzzy head spinning-ness I will need a happy place. And so I have found one such blessed place on a 5X6 foot washable blanket that sits ten feet outside my back porch.

Here I don’t worry about all that’s UNDONE.  I come with wee ones and we lay and look at all that’s around…on the ground. in the sky.  We watch for the butterflies that are frequenting our backyard these days and I think of my mama…I talk about one such moment with a precious son at this happy place here.  I don’t try to control who anyone is (unless a certain one is trying to tackle a baby sister or make her the candlestick in Jack-be-nimble) or what they SHOULD BE…I just let their joy come and we create pure moments filled with superhero boys and plastic food picnics and love enough to make the world go ‘round.

DSCN5163It is my sincere hope that in choosing this happy place daily, I will find that I somehow become planted within it and soon many other happy places will start to spring up no matter where I am…until all of life be a harvest of happiness.



Have you found your happy place?  Where or with whom is it? And are you choosing it daily?




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