Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Becoming Family

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 066I walk along and snap my pictures. 

I see the sun shine on the pond that I have walked by with my son for most of his life.  It has only been two years, but it is still most of his life.

Exquisite Beauty.  Snap.

I keep walking camera in hand and take to the sidewalk.  The trees that line it stagger before me as signposts of memories…too many to count. Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 061

The light shines through and I am taken.  Snap. 

My heart is expanding with each step and I stop. and stop. and stop. and snap. and snap. and snap.  There seems to be no way to capture the beauty…it is too vast and reaches into the deep places.

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 065I was a new mom and alone.  All family and friends a thousand miles away and this became my home.  I reached out and felt rejected and my heart ached for those too far to touch. I cried big tears as a little girl pleading with her daddy for the thing I wanted most.  Friends.  It took time and I had to wait and I cried some more and grew close to my son and husband and mostly to the God who sees…who I call Abba.

I walked these sidewalks and the beauty was hard to see.  Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 105The seasons were not the same.  I longed for the brilliant colors of fall, but instead I got Spanish moss hanging low and strangers that I had to open my heart to beginning with the prologue. I wanted the ones that knew my story inside and out, not the ones that I had to stumble in front of with each tentative word.

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 086I held the only Hand I trusted and I did what I needed to do.  I turned the pages and I started to write new ones with new names.  I cooked meals, and swapped kids and offered the best I knew how to. 

But it was not long before I received much more than I gave. 

Friends who quickly showed me that I could call them at any hour and they would help.  Friends who got me through the sickness of my next pregnancy.  Friends who cared for my son when my

Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 095

daughter was born.  Friends who became family in the blink of an eye.  Who know what it is to be far away from home, to have lost those most dear, to share the holidays when the distance is most painful. 

Family that Abba gave to show that He will always take care of me. That He is lavish. I asked Him for friends and He gave me Family.  I need to hold onto this in the deep places because soon I will move an ocean away from this family and all of the others.

Beauty captured in my heart.Old Sugar Mill and Florida Fall 109 Snap.











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  1. love love LOVE this. abby your words are so true and your heart so pure and genuine. thanks for sharing this... you know you have been all of that in my life too and i am SOO grateful for the incredible blessing of your friendship - you are a kindred spirit and a deep soul and i so love your beautiful heart. thanks for being family for me. you are a treasure.


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