Sunday, November 7, 2010

the beautiful ones

along with some more of the gorgeous sunrise memories from last weekend,

I am going to lift my heart in praise for all of

the beautiful ones

that have profoundly touched my life in this past week:

for the heart of the man I love and who touches the lives of everyone he meets

for the joy of my sweet daughter who is tons of fun for everyone

for the precious-hearted son who yet seeks to understand the Jesus who died for him

for the young man who has touched us all…his senseless death a reminder of many beautiful years that will only be “what if’s”

for his brother beside him who must put back the pieces of his body and life

for a new friend who has been a gift already…sharing in pain and Him

for a church elder who would be vulnerable enough to shed tears and share heartbreak and hope in preparation for Communion

for the sweet friend who offered her family to share in Communion

for the young man saved from this world’s evils that now teaches my son about Jesus on Sunday mornings

for a little happy adopted one I could care for while his parents were fed the Word and had Communion

for a long lost friend who asks for prayer desiring God’s best and is willing to sacrifice for it

for a dear friend who trusts me enough to carry her in prayer in a dark, dark time

for a friend who is opening her heart even when it has been hurt…choosing to love and not harden

for an amazing woman who follows Jesus and encourages constantly amidst great betrayal and heartache

for the friends who care more about deep conversation than a football game

for many who are praying we can be ministers in the brokenness of so many young people’s grief

for family that shares a legacy of HEART for this broken world…and remind me what I am a part of

for a mama with Jesus who becomes more beautiful as I walk the road she walked with such grace and love

and for many, many more

most of all, for Jesus…who shows me more of Himself through these beautiful ones…

reflections of His infinite beauty  (#267-287)

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  1. I appreciated reading your list, and entering into the wonder of what the Father is doing in His children. Thankyou


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