Sunday, November 21, 2010

the glorious now

it was in the tiniest

of breaths and smallest

of steps I began a

seeking of the beckoning

beautiful expanse. Though

heart grew faint and limbs

did ache on the

journey has gone. Sweet

peeks taken with

eyes uplifted as

sunshine promises

the encompassing light

refined. Jagged edges

pierced and the roaring

unknown fell fierce but

soul undeterred forged

on. And in the glorious

now I have come to rest

upon blessed last step

bathed in existence beheld

as eyes to eternity meld.

AWA 11/21/2010

One Shoot Sunday @ One Stop Poetry



  1. Love it. The lines do justice to both the excellent title and photo. Cheers

  2. Ok, that's it. You and Kendal (you may know her from over at Jen's), anyway, the two of you have inspired me to give that big, scary thing called poetry a try.

    Warning: If I post my poem, it may suck.


  3. Very lovely, and describes it so well.

  4. carried me with such deftly ease ~ floated ~
    through your lines and imagery ~ effortless ~
    beautiful ~ Lib ~

  5. Breathtaking imagery. I have seen the such similar scenes on my own journey.
    A beautiful poem.


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